Services and Technology
We combine a caring approach with the latest and most technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment. We combine this with excellent communication with our patients and reporting tools to other health practitioners to provide better outcomes for our patients.

High Speed Video Gait Analysis
We use Templo Motion Analysis Software by Contemplas. Templo is used by many elite sporting organisations to ensure accurate and high speed gait and motion analysis to identify and diagnose pathological gait patterns.

To further assist in the capture of the patients gait cycle, we use Basler high speed cameras that take in excess of 100 frames per second (compared to 25 frames per second used for gait analysis elsewhere). This allows greater diagnostic potential and assessment of the effectiveness of your treatments be it running coaching, new shoes or orthotics, joint mobilisation or stretching and strengthening regime.

PODOSmart movement analysis technology for all musculoskeletal assessments

Motion Analysis
We incorporate PODOSmart movement analysis technology for all musculoskeletal assessments conducted in clinic. The technology provides 3D movement analysis for walking and running gait.

The data provides a comprehensive review of our patient’s biomechanical patterns which improves our diagnostic skills and treatment outcomes.

Run Coaching
All our professional staff are certified run coaches, need a tweak to your running style or some pointers on how to achieve your running/fitness goals? Assessment and coaching is done in clinic using high speed video gait analysis and foot pressure measurement where required.

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Foot mobilisation and manipulation
QLD Orthotics and Podiatrist practitioners are trained in Foot mobilisation and manipulation. Foot mobilisation improves or returns the mobility and congruency to joints in the feet, and ankles which in turn allows muscles to work more efficiently around those joints.  As a therapy it is used as part of the overall treatment which ultimately leads to effective pain relief and better performance.

Neuromuscular Dry Needling
Dry Needling is the technique of releasing myofascial triggers with fine needles and is performed by QLD Orthotics and Podiatry clinicians when relevant. It relieves the pain caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction through relaxing muscle trigger points, tight bands (“knots”) that develop within a muscle that can occur in cases of both acute and chronic pain. This technique allows for immediate reduction in painful symptoms post treatment.

Podiatry Shockwave therapy

Shockwave Therapy
QLD Orthotics and Podiatry practitioners are trained in Radial pressure wave therapy (aka Shockwave therapy). Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilises ultrasound technology to send high-energy acoustic waves into the target area to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. This treatment modality can be used with sub-acute to chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

Foot Pressure Measurement
We utilise the Medilogic in-shoe pressure measurement system as an assessment and diagnostic tool depending on your condition.

Foot pressure measurement (plantar foot pressures) is the gold standard for changing foot function, with the ability to deflect forces away from painful bunions or heels along with protecting an ulcerated wound . We are able to diagnose, measure and analyse our outcomes with repeatable measurements.

Medilogic Podiatry

Paromed Laser Foot Scanner
We use a highly accurate and efficient Paromed 3D laser foot scanner for plantar foot scanning…no more wasted time or mess from a plaster cast impression of the foot. Every contour of your foot will be captured as laser scanning is far more accurate. We can scan your foot under no load, partial load or full weight bearing load to best capture the function of your foot to ensure the best outcomes with your orthotics.

Paromed Full Length Custom Orthotics
The podiatrist who treats your lower limbs and feet has analysed and diagnosed your foot and gait pattern is the same person to design your custom full length EVA orthotics. QLD Orthotics and Podiatry do not send your orthotics to be modelled and made by a third party. By using one of the best scanning, modelling and milling CADCAM orthotic systems in the world, Qld Orthotics & Podiatry is able to produce some the best foot orthotics in the world. We back every foot orthotic with an unconditional guarantee…we stand behind our clinical skills and will continue to work with you if you have any concerns at all regarding your orthotics.

Orthotic Thongs
Our in house design and manufacture of your orthotics allows us to fit nearly all footwear with a device. We are also able to manufacture your orthotics into Thongs, as Queenslanders this is essential!!


Nail Surgery and General Footcare Treatment
We offer the nail surgery under a local anaesthetic onsite as well as the latest in wound dressings, post-surgical care and pain management including agents to reduce the pain of the injection of the local anaesthetic. Our general footcare treatments cover all items including nail care, callous debridement, plus footwear advice.

Doppler Ultrasound/Diabetic Screenings
Doppler Ultrasound is used to assess the elasticity and integrity of the blood vessels in the lower (peripheral) extremities. The system uses high frequency sound to develop a clear assessment of the vascular status of the lower limbs, and provides both the patient and the patients’ medical practitioners with a detailed report and graphs that can be used in comparison at the 6-12 month reviews. This is offered as part of the treatment for the Enhanced Primary Care patients that have been referred by their GP. All diabetics are advised to utilise the Doppler Ultrasound every 12 months (minimum), more regularly if at High Risk or advised by their GP.

We deliver all results of a full Neurovascular Screening (for Diabetics and people suffering with Peripheral Vascular Disease or Neurological Disease) to the patient and the relevant medical support staff such as the GP, Medical Specialist (such as Endocrinologist, Rheumatologist, Surgeon etc) or allied health Practitioner.

If you are not completely satisfied we will either continue to see you for free or refund your money. We genuinely stand behind our claim that “we fix feet”.